About us

Welcome to Pet Shop One - Where Every Pet is Family

Hello Fellow Pet Lovers!

We're Henri and Juho, the proud founders of Hilman kauppa. Our journey began not in a boardroom, but on a sunny day at the local dog park. As Henri's furry pal, Hilma played around, we realized we shared more than just a love for dogs – we shared a vision.

Our Story: Two Friends, One Dream

Our friendship started over our mutual adoration for dogs, and it wasn’t long before we discovered a common frustration: the challenge of finding high-quality, affordable pet products that we'd trust for our own dogs. We'd often find ourselves exchanging tips about where to find the best deals or the healthiest treats. That's when it hit us – why not create a one-stop shop for pet owners like us? A place where quality meets affordability, and where every product is chosen with care and love.

Our Mission: Quality, Affordability, and Love

At Hilman kauppa, we believe that caring for your pet should not come with a hefty price tag. We've dedicated ourselves to curating a selection of products that meet our high standards – durable, safe, and pet-approved. From comfy beds to engaging toys, nutritious treats to stylish accessories, we’ve got everything to keep your furry friends happy and healthy, without breaking the bank.

Community and Connection: More Than Just a Store

But we're more than just a store. We're a community of pet lovers. We understand the joys and challenges of pet parenthood because we live them every day. Hilman kauppa is our way of sharing this journey with you. We're committed to providing not only products but also support, advice, and a space to share your own pet stories.

Join Our Pack!

So, whether you're a seasoned pet owner or new to the furry family, we invite you to explore our store. Experience the love and care we pour into every selection, and feel free to reach out with your stories, questions, or a cute pet picture (we never say no to those!). Welcome to Hilman kauppa– where every pet is not just a customer, but a part of our extended family.